About The Book

The decision to divorce isn’t easy.

But, when you decide to, the wind begins to howl, the storm’s upon you and you wonder where to go from there. The future disappears, the past drags you back, where did things go wrong?

Through this daze, you ought to be taking decisions, big ones. You must deal with finances, splitting ornaments and furniture, savings, earnings and property. You must deal with withdrawn friendships, broken family relationships and saddened children. You must deal with the lawyers and the courts, you must deal with an aggressively bitter ex or a peaceful, dignified one.

If you are at this point, that’s where the book begins. It tells you what’s ahead and how best to deal with it. Of the raw emotions that drain you. The need to balance yourself, to know that others have been there before, that this too shall end. It takes you through how best to deal with your emotions, the ex, children, family, society, courts and legal matters, payments and child custody, negotiations and your very identity.

Untying the Fine Knots tells you how to convert your separation or divorce into a fresh start to your life.