Bonobology and the Fabric of Relationships

Relationships are funny things. They are fragile. We sometimes find ourselves breaking them because we can’t hold them with care; sometimes, we don’t know how to care but; sometimes we are like the flowing waters that hold a dry leaf for miles without letting it drown. We can be that soft and careful.

These are the stories you read on Bonobology.

Many of them are real stories of people who have been through heaven and hell and the stages in between. I believe it isn’t voyeurism that draws us to these stories, nor even the need to share another human’s experience – if we have such a need at all – but to see whether there is a mirror somewhere in one of these stories to our own lives, whether ours are better or worse.

We have a great need to share our own experiences and when we don’t, it is only our shell, which is our reticence, guilt and shame that hold us back; or a false pride that tells us that we must smile and bear it and keep it all under wraps when the fragile thing is cracking or has broken into bloody shards. Or when the waters are smooth, we don’t realise the heaven we are living in.

In Bonobology, I see these everyday stories which brighten our day or which give us the strength to take the hard step that we must. The site creates a human fabric by being a platform on which emotions, decisions and knowledge are shared and while it is easy for us to tell ourselves that we must focus on the hard, material things in life, these emotional factors pull us in their direction, telling us that if we do not resolve our issues, that until we find satisfaction in our experiences, we will not be happy. That we will only be half of what we could be.  


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